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This is area is a convient shorthcut to download the notes and other resources I made to help you in your studies, still if you dont study you will not pass.

download bnk - photoshop
Black Dress Image

download mrk - Dreamweaver
CSS Classwork Exercises

download mrk - Dreamweaver
CSS files

download bnk - Word
DIFS - P1.2 - Word Document Referencing

download bnk - Word
OSWA - Classwork 2 P1.1b


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October 6, 2014
Web Design / Time Table Changed
Web Design 2b Group 1 - Tuesday 1 and 2 lesson has been moved to 3 and 4.

January 20, 2013
L4DiFS / Classwork 8
Reminder students not submitting there work till next Monday (Jan-21) will get a zero in their assessment

December 19, 2012
Web Design / Web Design Project
The next lesson of web design will be very important will describe what you need to do for the first project of your course 8 - January