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Latest Notes

This is area is a convient shorthcut to download the notes and other resources I made to help you in your studies, still if you dont study you will not pass.

download bnk - Excel
OSWA - Mock Test 2 - it has a password needed to extract it. It will be given during the test

download bnk - Excel
DIFS P2.8 - Excel Collaboration Features

download bnk - Excel
DIFS P2.7 - Linking and Embedding

download bnk - Excel
DIFS p2.6 - Excel Enchancing Productivity

download bnk - Excel
DIFS P2.5 - OSWA Validating and Auditing


Contact Info

Email: contact@rinmaru.com


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March 27, 2015
All / Password Change
Password restored to the previous one

March 26, 2015
Difs / Password Change
Temporary I will be changing the password to download notes, this is due avoiding people being able to check notes during the TCA

November 26, 2014
ADiFS / Access to Notes
A new password system has been implemented in the notes section of the website. As to block access to notes during TCA's The password will be updated regularly after each TCA