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This is area is a convient shorthcut to download the notes and other resources I made to help you in your studies, still if you dont study you will not pass.

download mrk - HTML
Form Example using tables for organising the form layout

download mrk - HTML
Web Design - Past Paper Questions Tables and Forms

download mrk - HTML Coding
Form Examples

download bnk - Word
mock test 1 Dec14

download mrk - Web Design
Assessment Criteria


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November 26, 2014
ADiFS / Access to Notes
A new password system has been implemented in the notes section of the website. As to block access to notes during TCA's The password will be updated regularly after each TCA

October 6, 2014
Web Design / Time Table Changed
Web Design 2b Group 1 - Tuesday 1 and 2 lesson has been moved to 3 and 4.

January 20, 2013
L4DiFS / Classwork 8
Reminder students not submitting there work till next Monday (Jan-21) will get a zero in their assessment